L:Ron:Harald, WurstMaschine and aclaimed baseplayer Jakob Krogh Jørgensen @Videoshot for WurstMaschine (official music video). Photo: Lars Christian Vibild 

Welcome!!! This is the "Official webpage of the WurstMaschine".... Find everything ever officially published about "WurstMaschine" right HERE!!! ( <- it´s a link. You should click on it).


Sorry about the crappy design. Most webpages just don´t get the attention they deserve. If you are more into SoMe, Check out our FB-page here.

Anything else?  Ohh... Yeah. Stream or download the song via this link -> Click here to go to a wonderfull world of music and laughter.

Still here? Well. Foto credits to Lars Christian Vibild

True believer... Uhh... Come back and scroll down here to be the first to find out the release date for the first episode of the "WurstMaschine" mini comedy series. That´s a work in progress, so no dates are set yet. 


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