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L:Ron:Harald, WurstMaschine and aclaimed baseplayer Jakob Krogh Jørgensen @Videoshot for WurstMaschine (official music video). Photo: Lars Christian Vibild 

12/4-2024: Here is an update for a change:

Video out now (@14.50 hrs gmt+2) for "Da Irma Consuela Kom på Indkøbscenter". 

Cant wait till: 14.50, when the video starts. 

See the video here

One year later: 

12/4-2023 Just released the rap single:

"Da Irma Consuela kom på indkøbscenter"

Cover for new single: "Da Irma Consuela kom på indkøbscenter"

The rap is about having someone else sending dickpics from your phone.... Because the world really needs to know about this. I´m not gonna say more... Except from giving you the info that the explicit lyrics are in Danish, (but with the hasty advance of AI, you will soon enough find a way arround that).  

Find and listen to the track on your favourite streaming service via this link:

True believer... Uhh... Come back and scroll down here to be the first to find out the release date for the first episode of the "WurstMaschine" mini comedy series. That´s a work in progress, so no dates are set yet. 

Sorry about the crappy design. Most webpages just don´t get the attention they deserve. If you are more into SoMe, Check out our FB-page here.

Anything else?  Ohh... Yeah. Stream or download the song via this link -> Click here to go to a wonderfull world of music and laughter.

Still here? Well. Foto credits to Lars Christian Vibild


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